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Warning, there's rocks in the falafel's on the southeast corner of 38 Street and 7th Avenue! Holy crap, there's a new Instagram?!

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Jefferson Pang
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jeffersonpang 1355439718
@leejnny yeah. I'm done.
ocularge 1355440071
Oh! The guy that owns that falafel shop's brother is a dentist @jeffersonpang
danny_supa 1355442370
Wow damn
samsilverstone_com 1355451175
@jeffersonpang they come in the sacks of chickpeas.. And can sometimes go undetected in the mix.. My mum had a falafel business for 20 yrs.. It was out job to sift them out.. Like gold hunting but not as profitable! But certainly tooth saving!
samsilverstone_com 1355451257
I had a rusty sharp as fuck nail in one falafel in thialand.. Shit woulda killed me!!!
jetskiattack 1355501815
@jeffersonpang isn't this strike 2 for that cart? #baddecisions
andyhines.tv 1369790678
andyhines.tv 1369790696
@www_samsilverstone_com research for life
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