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Aaron Snyder riding a 8" Civilized skateboard, Venture Lo's, Bones medium bushings, 52mm Autobahn wheels, Andale bearings, Grizzly Grip and Land Bolts hardware. @aaronsnyder77

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Ronnie Creager
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elcannasseur 1355366324
Because its awesome and no one else does it. creativity and innovation is never somethin to fear @willneufeld
hiiivibin7 1355366394
Becuz alotta ppl like me are interested in how pros ride their setup :)
moniquethebeat 1355366598
His part in Shorty's - Fulfill The Dream.. if you don't know, do your homework! Must see. 👍
ronniecreager 1355366763
I like knowing what other skaters skate and how.
willneufeld 1355366999
@ronniecreager not saying it's dumb or anything, just curious! I actually love the idea!
luxrad 1355367189
tomschulteis 1355367616
I really dig these. @ronniecreager
mkingbeh 1355380942
psyched to know he's still pushing!! he slayed it on shorty's back in the day!
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