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John Cardiel

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Raney in blood from the lacerated skies!! Tampa am god dam!!!!!

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John Cardiel
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flyinsturgeon 1355501552
@_breakfree_ Happy B-Day
jawns 1355503140
Happy birthday man! You're the best
yogiberes 1355527604
Happy Birthday John Cardiel!
robthegod 1355905721
It's the god son! happy belated bday.
moistpork666 1356513353
This kid was slashing the vert at tampa hell yea @gnarmads
jonnywarpspeed 1357493149
The wife and I walked into our reception to this song!
bonelesszine 1357973057
Hell yeah my brother killing it!
booradical 1364786007
All hail Raney!!!!!!!
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