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Justin Eldridge riding a 8" Chocolate #pretty sweet skateboard, Royal 5.0 low trucks, 50mm Chocolate Wheels, Chocolate Swiss bearings, Bones medium bushings, Diamond bolts and Mob Girl grip. @justineldridge

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Ronnie Creager
akfotyoz 1355208515
Simple dream complete.
adam_baron 1355208629
Someone should 50-50 or something on that rail theirs unlimited run up inside
the_gkump 1355208859
Damn! Am i the only who rides a 7.75 still?
jason.stanley 1355208879
Glad I had a chance to skate with both of you guys @ronniecreager & @justineldridge while I was in LA. Good memories.
lunar2519 1355210212
@the_g_kump dude I was thinking the same shit, I don't see how people skate 8's and above. 7.75 is perfect haha
coltbowden 1355216682
@seangiocomelli @the_g_kump dudes with size 7.5 shoes do ;)
nickheuring 1355232103
@seangiocomelli it's about that 8.25 or 8.3 man!
elmthetank 1355237231
@the_g_kump @seangiocomelli I used to ride 7.75s and 7.8125s for a long time. Wearing a size 11 shoe has been steering me to bigger boards. Now I ride 8.0 girl decks (same as @_mikemo) because they're super comfortable, and they still flip like a dream. Now its just a matter of getting over my ankle injury so I can hit the street again. But, in all actuallity, it matters most what you're comfortable skating, more-so then anything else. #skateforfun #liveyourlifefree @ronniecreager is #theman!
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