Photo from ronniecreager

Matt Miller riding his 8.06" Expedition skateboard, 139 Independent trucks (Andrew Reynolds) with hollow axles & kingpins - standard bushings, 50mm Gold wheels (Stevie Williams), Bones Swiss bearings, Mob Grip tape and Diamond hardware. @mattmillerskate

chris_on_top_her 1355183488
That's dlsick
captaindonezos 1355183925
Solid setup
stefanoaddis 1355186798
Favourite so far.
youngbloodsdz 1355187132
_willw 1355187222
I always thought he rode a way wider deck
tre_joyner 1355188231
@mattmillerskate wat happened to 7.75?
mehrathon 1355201378
@ronniecreager could I get your e mail? I have to send you out a Mixtape...
travisvs 1384582740
@stevin E <----
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