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Ryan Clements

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Live broadcast from 11am - 7pm EST at skateparkoftampa.com!

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Ryan Clements
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rtclem 1355101469
Thanks everyone!
sp3nc3r 1355114232
@rtclem i did not get to say thank u in person...so thank u! A total success as usual, the fam and i had a blast. Much love brethren.
pastor_dvorak 1355143428
Thanks for the awesome broadcast! I could feel the vibe all the way back in Chicago! 👍
mannyslaysall 1355147782
Congrats on another successful Tampa am! You should come solo to the "Prince of PR" contest and check it out!
rtclem 1355184345
Love back @sp3nc3r!
rtclem 1355184367
Thanks for watching @d_jake!
rtclem 1355184406
I wish I could head down to PR @mannyslaysall. Gotta hang around at home for a whole...
sp3nc3r 1355229194
👊 @rtclem
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