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Kenny Anderson

Photo from skiduls

Come by and say hi! @furrycalamari will be there. #prettysweet

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Kenny Anderson
brendan_mcgovern 1354989923
I thought you killed your part. Nice job!
rykard8 1354990161
Watched it today. You're still my favourite skateboarder. Stay strong Kenny. Big up from a Portuguese skateboarder in London town. Maybe one day we'll roll together.
skiduls 1354991317
It's Hollywood.. Of course. @freethegrizzlybears @olsonstuff
sammybaptista 1354991383
Kenny your parts are always so on point! Backside powerslide in barcy was one of the steeziest things ever done! Cheers
jared.m.p 1354997869
You guys need to come to Bakersfield!
lil_miss_vorster 1357363569
Loved your part! Inspired me to do bigger tricks ❤ much respect
aetherialuna 1358042192
U are one of my favorite skaters!! :) @skiduls
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