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Mike Carroll

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@dlakastan and @dpdisaster throwin up the #kostonfilter #prettysweet #legends #DuanePetersInTheHouse

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Mike Carroll
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dlakastan 1354933893
yorkatron 1354937138
@dlakastan my ninja!!
samnewman 1354949839
mad_ink 1354981450
@furrycalamari the video was so legit. The legends one was so cool i was hoping for more people.by the way who chose the legends?
_nathanbyrne_ 1355082252
True dat
furrycalamari 1355126790
@mad_ink I was also hoping for more people but unfortunately you can only track down so many different people in so many different places of the world in such a short amount of time but I'm very grateful for the people that were down to be involved especially with such short notice. There were a few people who put their heads together for the "legends" idea including @olsonstuff and @the_italian_one
the_italian_one 1355126908
@zoobof πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ”β€
mad_ink 1355177469
@furrycalamari thank you for the answer.just last question,when is lakai be available in Dubai.
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