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Geoff Rowley

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"Go ahead, make my day"

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Geoff Rowley
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kaleidascope68 1356233485
I choose a gun but this is the really cool part its your choice.
mattp258 1360373311
@kaleidascope68 the second amendment is the great this that we have. People that are anti guns just don't get it and never will . More people die from cars and drugs not gun . Gun Violence has the lowest Fatalities every year and its gone down 50% in the last 20 years. Don't give up your rights just because others a scarf of guns your more Likely to get shot by a cop then a Civilian Fact .
miesj911 1360860984
I love this discussion I'm from holland no guns allowed but every week there is murders with knifes choking guns and we even have a mall shooting with machine guns I just think a ban doesn't solve it people kill people so if they don't have guns they will use whatever they can find I just think city and the world is to full put a lot of animals in a cage and they will kill until they have enough space we as people are no different crazy shit is animal behavior @kaleidascope68 @mattp258 @oesteboe
mattp258 1360866692
Very true sir people need to wake up and stop Living in a fantasy world. @miesj911
redakabugsy 1361697661
kjamz000 1362634268
FBI reported hammers kill
kjamz000 1362634278
More people than guns, look it up
ponyboy_diesel 1379619352
Slap some slugs in there @geoffrowley
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