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JamieThomas riding a @zeroskateboards Sandoval Bold 8.125, 147 High @Thundertrucks lights, 52mm @spitfirewheels street burners, Swiss @bonesbearings, @mobgrip w/ Beavis art by @mousegrip and Hardware (unknown) @jamiethomas

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Ronnie Creager
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shorya_boneless 1366959406
Hey Ronnie,i know you are a really busy guy,but if you have 5 mins can you please watch my new part on YouTube."shorya boneless 2013 part" thanks!
ronniecreager 1366999302
@shorya_boneless Amazing! Thanks for the inspiration to skate today... Even though I feel like I suck now. 👍👏
shorya_boneless 1366999771
@ronniecreager hahah your amazing.all ur ledges tricks are nbd's forsure!! Front smith 360 heel out.idk anyone who does those! Crazy man,keep killing it and thanks for watching my part!
shorya_boneless 1367000037
@ronniecreager is there anyway I can email you my newest footage?
ronniecreager 1367000851
@shorya_boneless check the etcetera site for email address. Thanks
shorya_boneless 1367001185
@ronniecreager thanks man.i appreciate it!
flappyhands 1368303956
Perfect setup
fledgling_ 1369431879
I'm in love with the @insight51 sticker! @jamiethomas
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