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Mike Carroll

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@guymariano sorry, wether you like it or not you've got my vote for @thrashermag's 2012 Skater of the Year #SOTY. For the record. Guy just loves to skate and isn't about competing for SOTY cuz he has respect for all @killerpizza, David G, and Nijah. They all got his vote as well as mine BUT I'm putting in 1 extra vote in for my boy whose been doing it real good for 20+years.

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Mike Carroll
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supremesnack 1354553828
No way
black_rambo 1354668877
surprise Video parts is not enough I guess. All over coverage is thee factor when it comes to thee SOTY. Not every kid is following skate videos most are on the web sites and subscribed to mags. Soo can't really be SOTY with just an video part. Right?
black_rambo 1354669094
When they print guy out in the mag its gonna be stuff seen in the video part. Not new content.
black_rambo 1354669405
Figgy had more all around content. from tours to skate vids, every sponsor ran ads of him. Multiple video parts. Dude is knarlier than the roster. All around.
I'm not disagreeing with @black_rambo. But I feel like if guy wanted more coverage he could have it cause come on....its Guy Fucking Mariano and yes that's a capital F. One thing the interweb has spoiled in skateboarding is the art of surprise. Then videos like pretty sweet come out with parts from someone like Guy who proves he hasn't been maxin and relaxin since fully flared, he's been puttin in work without letting the whole world know. But anyways congrats to david gonzalez!
black_rambo 1354745206
Guy is the man regardless
stevedelatrapa 1354767051
Guy for skater of the decade
joexsphh 1401334954
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