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Ryan Clements

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Got to visit Love while in Philly with @jennaclements. Seeing the fountain gap in person really puts the gnar factor in perspective.

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Ryan Clements
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andrewcannon 1354479315
Should have stopped by the cannon family farm, they would have made you a glorious meal.
rtclem 1354495952
Yeah @lorenzoerr...next time...
rtclem 1354496051
That was at Love @51mm. City Hall looked demolished to me when we drove by, but don't hold me to that.
rtclem 1354496088
Next time @bertwhalen666. I'm on the injured list right now.
rtclem 1354496116
I've seen it @sp3nc3r! So sick...
rtclem 1354496161
Hope to see you soon @andrewcannon666.
rtclem 1354496309
Philly and DE were good to us, @yuppyscum_.
bertwhalen666 1354497951
I.r.🚑 sucks hit us next time around @rtclem
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