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Justin Figueroa

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Justin Figueroa
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jboneson 1354254137
@nolanbwallace eat a dick son!!! Like your part would be any better. And @nuge666 would will fuck your life up for sure!
sabohh 1354316065
Last great skate vid?!? Wtf
sabohh 1354316078
They must of forgot about baker 4
andrewsully 1354319376
What did @nolanbwallace say?? @bigtweest @skatefuc @killerpizza
nolanbwallace 1354319819
@andrewsully I was trying to start a conversation saying that ravens part was a little disappointing considering I know his potential, looking back I said It was a dumb thing to say but everyone kinda hates me which is fine haha I kinda deserved it... On the bright side if I ever get to meet nuge he's gonna give me a great story to tell lol hopefully I'm not sober
andrewsully 1354319875
Haha damn @nolanbwallace
nolanbwallace 1354320482
@andrewsully yeah I mean I feel real bad now I didn't see that figgy tagged raven, I was just trying to get everyone's opinion... Sorry raven, I'm a dick and your part was good after 2nd watch haha
neecoskywalker 1354585331
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