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Tre Wright™

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THRΩШβΔCҜ THURSDΔΨ! I miss dancing in high school 😣💃. Kudos to @ng_xx for this dope as photo. Thanks!😁

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Tre Wright™
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calllllie 1354250928
okay! thank you!
datboi_tre 1354250987
@calllllie yea! No problem 😊
candacehilderbrand 1354256246
:( I miss u
datboi_tre 1354268788
@candaaaceee @holly_ex miss you guys! Imma come see you tomorrow 😁👏
holly_ex 1354291440
@candaaaceee and I were talking bout how dance isn't the same without you
candacehilderbrand 1354353843
We didn't see you😠😡
datboi_tre 1354371355
@candaaaceee I didn't have a ride. I asked Kimi's sister for a ride they never responded. Had no other way there. I'm hella sorry I seriously wanted to go!
hotheadskanless 1354475506
@datboi_tre ima need a photoshoot soon you got the dopest photo's
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