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Mike Carroll

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#KareemCampbell and @yorkatron filmin #legends for #prettysweet. Much love and respect.

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Mike Carroll
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thekid_cuddy 1354205340
Whens kareem gonna stop fuckin around and put out a lil part nothin crazy...i need to see the best hardflips ever at least one more time
misterandre 1354206996
Kareem!!! Where you been?! Remember that bs180 over the bank to flat at shut up n skate houston! Shit was ill!!!
jesse_brown 1354269049
Wayback, good memory ^
furrycalamari 1354363490
@misterandre I remember that shit! I was there too. So sick👍
misterandre 1354373489
Hells yeah you were there @furrycalamari !! Flippin over everything! Everybody was there! Granted I was only 11, so I didn't know who was who. I was exposed to so much right there! Talk about fucking up a kids world view! Then I found Thrasher! Then I got a copy of ?uestionable!!!... Shtoops!!! Thank you Carroll! Fucking thank you!! Kareem too! Yall muhfuggas have inspired me for the last 20 years!
co_t_ho 1354401788
Holy shit Kareem I had his Axion kicks back in the day and the Ollie contests he was in and you omg amazing just took me back thanks! @furrycalamari
benjaminmii 1354533299
Kareem's duffs kck II's
eastlossurf 1361893099
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