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@jamescraig24 - Almost double impact 7.6 x 31.6 medium concave, Venture 5.0 low raw, 51mm Sml. Wheels, Sml bolts, Mob Grip and Bones swiss bearings.

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twolfy 1354160260
Dude I still can't get over your part in Trilogy.
trestanbery 1358223782
Holy fuck im skating this 8.5
connorslaysall 1363386331
Do they even make that board in that size or is it custom made for @jamescraig24
ronniecreager 1363390717
It's James shape that he likes best.. In pretty sure it's custom as all dwindles brands make specific shapes for their riders. @connor_purcell
connorslaysall 1363391374
Ahh ok thanks ronnie
dirty_curty69 1382807704
locotacovato 1382816430
@wolftanner_666 😏😏
philllaberge 1405045507
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