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Ronnie Creager

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@youness_ Venture Trucks, 52mm Spitfire, 8 x 31.9 Almost full concave board and Mob Grip.

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Ronnie Creager
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bobohallberg 1354147276
More set Ups @ronniecreager! Its fun tu see what everyone rides.
ronniecreager 1354160683
Its what Youness Amrani rides.
staygoldish 1354414825
Cool insta idea , hey I need your help for my project soon please , ill email you this week thanks Ronnie ! @ronniecreager your the man
nickseeray 1357520034
Dosent he ride for sml wheels?
cr_odom 1365040338
Dude I want you number so bad @ronniecreager
veryneckmuchdeep 1388124248
Hey I'm really poor my boards horrible and its about to snap I can't afford a new one mines chipped I'm homeless I really can't afford anything for skateboarding can you please send me a board I would be so thankful
veryneckmuchdeep 1388124255
courtney_murdoch 1406306872
Hey @ronniecreager remember me from the beach house look a my profile pic you might remember dude
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