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Heading to Burlington coat factory after seeing #prettysweet!! Great work @crailtap @marcjohnson_ @guymariano @furrycalamari and the rest of the amazing team!! Bought this yesterday morning off I tunes πŸ‘

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Daewon Song
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noah_rael 1354218569
I love u @daewon1song no homo you are one of the chillest and sickest skaters alive i wish that someday i could be as good as u and i love ur boards those are the only ones i skate keep killin it
santiago_zibe 1354246898
hahah cool
dankenstein420x 1354353098
Daewon I met you at a demo in south Texas with Chris Haslam a couple years ago man you can shred homie!
xfiggy 1354430410
Daewon in my eyes you're still the best ...
owsten 1354758694
@daewon1song Are you picking a winner for Look A Like as well as SW?
uselessnun 1355155516
Suit up!
gg1281 1355314184
You would have fit very well into PS,,,, any news on the next Almost vid or Thrasher part??
admseye 1372597218
Your pics rock!
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