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Brian Schaefer

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@jasonranft and @spottampa look so good together.... #spotlife

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Brian Schaefer
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jeff__hammond 1354076447
jasonranft 1354078055
Not bad
mikewolf333 1354087103
Looks like snow on the ground?
k_palasti 1354106478
@mikewolf333 it's the tile pattern
corymansour 1354107227
@fromohio get back into the skate game haha even a name like this wouldn't be as lame as wedgewood ramps 👎
fromohio 1354108721
@sk8rboycory71091 haha. Do they even exist anymore?
corymansour 1354108920
@fromohio the dude russel got some kinda loan or some shit, who knows but anyhow he's been lettin us go there to skate for free while he fixes the place and works on an alleged "new street section and bowl" but no progress has been made since I've been goin since the weather broke. Since he isn't technically open that's why he isn't charging us. Who knows but I'm just thankful for a place to skate b whatnot for free thats close ya know?
fromohio 1354112183
@dailybs sorry for blowing up your thread...
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