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I posted this before but just wanted to say thanks to all the people who support and @dvsskateboarding and @matixclothing!! We are back even stronger and better and never give up on what u believe in!! 📷 @seutrinh

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Daewon Song
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@daewon1song thnks bro.... when I was almost 19 they gave me a position there as a docutech printer.... through a temp agency but somebody certified came in and knock me out of the park...lol oh well.... thank you bro, it does look better than it really is.... But still breathing... happy holidays to you, your family, and all your fans, bro...
ariochrome 1354353140
equalityspud 1356851215
U r amazing✨💓✨
_guiihalmeida 1358134717
is one crazy trick oooow , daewon is my inspiration for skate of all days *_*
ajs_capricous 1359603115
@daewon1song is this the location of the 2006 S.O.T.Y. from DVS? Let me know, I have the signed poster! Love your stuff man"
daewon1song 1359603612
@dirty_feltcher yes it's the same place !! 🙏 Thanks so much
ajs_capricous 1359603678
That is sweet! & no problem man! Wish I could afford to sk8 tho! Your my idol man! @daewon1song
kubar9119 1360749703
@daewon1song I remember seeing this in a magazine and being so mind blown. One of my favorite pix by far. Keep it up mate 👍
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