Photo from mccranker

A 67 year old farmer in China is refusing to let the Chinese government tear down his house for a highway unless he gets properly compensated for his home. So rad!! #standstrong

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leiffossum 1353804118
You go farmer!!!!!!!
harleyknowsitsalive 1353806966
Fuckin right!
kulou_zh 1353808456
s_pockets 1353810284
@mccranker no way thos is true dude, if the chinese gov realy wanted it they would just drag him out and tear it down
johnny_tang 1353816466
@s_pockets yes this is true. Or he would be dead
honeybrooklyn 1353826284
lol @s_pockets @johnny_tang
sandcoffee 1353840453
My guess is, after this photo was taken, they leveled the house with him still in it...
k3vinf0g 1353900493
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