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Kevin Phelps

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I've been annoyed for a few days after hearing that I wasn't making my cousin proud because im such a shitty person. I went to her grave last night and told her how happy I am. To anybody who thinks I'm fucking up, or making wrong choices. Don't bother telling me. I haunt been this happy in a long time and I know Mel is proud of me and proud of the choices I make. I've never tried to hurt anybody, im just trying to live. RIP melanie

deerpuncher666 Instagram profile picture
Kevin Phelps
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deerpuncher666 1353555661
@angrypanda22 love you too sir! Your the shit!
deerpuncher666 1353555757
@hardbizkit very true, took me a long time to figure that out
deerpuncher666 1353555833
@jamesmessina you are the fucking man as well.
deerpuncher666 1353555870
@bbendfeldt789 so are you dude!
kevinkairnes 1353555905
Not a problem man, hard work deserves recignition @kevinphelps
deerpuncher666 1353555923
@ajmt_860 love you brotha! Cant wait to skate!
ajmt_860 1353556263
Love you to brother! @kevinphelps
yungfacetatt 1353595511
Glad you did though!
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