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Tony Hawk

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There is a scene in Bones Brigade: An Autobiography where I receive this trophy (handed down from a judges' stand above me). It's now for sale at bonesbrigade.com along with other vault items

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Tony Hawk
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jcnorberto 1353499415
Would LOVE to know what happened to 1st and 2nd place winners...
classicautoguy 1353505502
Hey tony can you teach me how to kickflip btw you are awsome
leoprodz 1353508176
Mieeeeee Variflex!!! La banana veloz!! @alr777
angwafl 1353508959
@tonyhawk ok I understand, buuuut as a daughter who adores her dad.... I would have loved to have a trophy of my fathers for my own nostalgia. Just fyi ;)
vinylcanuck 1353511525
@angwafl I think he might have more than one...
dvcozgrove 1353524369
Variflex !
melandruszko 1353526247
Hey I just got done watching viva la bam u were in it
elrod36 1353547113
3rd place...second best loser....haha...clownn...your a legend.
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