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First setup after retuning to the USofA ! Time to 'tack the streets tomorrow ! @planbofficial @dvsskateboarding @ccs_skate @redbull @nixon_now @nickydiamonds1 @grizzly_griptape @venturetrucks ! Let's roll. #NFTE #grizzlygang

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Torey Pudwill
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gostavnilsson 1353442328
I love that board👍
nickxpiscatelli 1353444073
Learned tailslides on that board. My favorite I've ever had.
steezysimon2001 1353449725
Have the same deck!!!!
_skaterkid__ 1354066285
grice6 1354125772
What size do you skate @toreypudwill1
zackmelillo 1354306649
Just got this board it has crazy pop @toreypudwill1
mkingbeh 1356745557
@toreypudwill1 this same deck broke after three sessions. complete rip off. made a posting a few days ago giving the chance to fix this. now really the only choice is to tell people how crappy these decks are /: really thought a core company like planb and a chill dude like tpuds would look out for a long time skater like myself. guess not.. #unsatisfiedcustomer
jack.damn 1359513488
Where can i find a tpuds deck for less than 45 bucks
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