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Fun first always!! We all have to remember to enjoy ourselves in whatever your into and stress less, this bolt slapper airwalk that @aacostaa shot is such a fun trick even if its not the coolest thing and I make a funny face! Good night #instafam

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Daewon Song
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datdudeddy 1358806777
No problem Cheese and Crackers all the way!!!! @daewon1song
jessicaryon 1359314335
@daewon1song all your photos are siiiiick!!!! ;) theyre all beautiful
temps_ 1361325206
ssrenz_ 1361341347
Something mak would try @temps_ haha
temps_ 1361341837
Hahahahhsha true @ssrenz
teamramrod7 1373482953
Always look at the positives that's what I like about u
davisdestroyer 1375289821
That's sick, Where did you get the idea to try something that crazy? @daewon1song
daewon1song 1375290452
@aodddavis alot of people have done this but I just added an airwalk 🙏 thanks again
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