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Found a new skatepark at the last @matixclothing shoot !! Say cheese E!! 📷 @fukin_a_wright !! Good nite

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Daewon Song
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fmfs 1353378370
@daewon1song come to Tampa bro we got rocks too
sarahsuzannem 1353392241
@daewon1song you're awesome!!!
zevy209 1353395454
pennylane904 1353398164
Dude I Have that much respect for you and not just coz of your skating... You are the most down to earth humble person, your talent or fame or money have clearly never gone to your head ... You always give off positive vibes and well wishes you are a quality person and you truly inspire me keep Doin what your doin man, all thebest and love from Australia @daewon1song
daewon1song 1353437125
@pennylane904 thanks so much!! People like u is what keeps me motivated!! Say hello to Australia for me
loveyourskin_ct 1353480661
Sweet pic😊
daewon1song 1353487948
@loveloveneva thanks and hope your well!!!
alinathesizzler 1353611243
Ur awesome
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