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Ryan Clements

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Had no takers for a Sunday afternoon ride, so I did it solo and ended up in the cut. I'm alone, but not lonely.

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Ryan Clements
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hollyryan78 1353295069
I was planning on going up until the point when I woke up with a hangover. Last night was too fun. Lol.
scottyb813 1353300412
@rtclem sometimes solo is the way to go.
rtclem 1353333520
Hey @stilettosixx, thanks for the offer, but the dog adoption possibility kept me away.
stilettosixx 1353352322
Hahahahahah don't worry. We found daisy a home. We won't send home any strays with you for now.
wit_e 1353374524
I would have loved to ride man. I was supposed to ride with my uncle on his spare bike but he flaked. Havent rode since the accident.
rtclem 1353375007
Next time @wit_e.
wit_e 1353379367
dagner_the_terrible 1356198256
Sometimes its best to ride alone! Many things come together mentally.
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