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Kerry Getz

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OG mini IPod still holdin it down.

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Kerry Getz
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r_vertolli 1353212250
Hell yeah
beergut74 1353213360
A fire in the sky @getzhabitat
_iknowyouryder_ 1353213373
@getzhabitat dude how does that still work
brlylgldrl 1353214011
Skating with the same kit!
kerrygetz 1353223058
@grrfilmz dude, no fucking idea. It's been in my garage and has been thru 6 winters. I'm so surprised that it still works.
kerrygetz 1353223110
@imstagrizz yup
kerrygetz 1353223341
@beergut74 Gabe, it's like the Fucking energizer bunny. Shit keeps going and going... The 90's will never die!
mrbubblez9 1353225819
@getzhabitat bro I still got two of these things that work! Lol I just cleaned out my old travel bags from trips and found them haha
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