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Skatepark of Tampa

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This is happening tonight. It's going to be #prettysweet -@porpe

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Skatepark of Tampa
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justinthebiker 1353195025
teamfatt_official 1353201425
They don't carry much 'cuz you spend your money at the mall. Independently owned shops give back to the community. What has CCS done for you? And you should really learn to grip your own board man. Just sayin'. @justintheskater
justinthebiker 1353201593
I know how to grip my own board but my mom had them grip it and make the complete
justinthebiker 1353201597
deaddaver 1353222179
@team_fatt i got you man. Hahaha and as for @justintheskater you have much to learn my friend ! You are only doing what is easier for your wallet but if you take the extra push to just settle for less it will come out good in the long run. #supportyourlocalshop
meronek 1353255548
Instead of people saying "Support your local shop", they should be saying "Make your local shop earn your support." Support is like respect. Don't blindly support, when a place earns your support, big or small, local or global, then you support them. That being said, I hope local shops do their part and earn your support in the future @justintheskater and @team_fatt
justinthebiker 1353256408
Thank you @meronek i mean like i go there every once in a while if i need to but yeah..
teamfatt_official 1353276453
Couldn't agree more @meronek I'm not berating the kid I'm just trying to educate. I'm old enough to remember a time when finding a core skateshop was next to impossible. Big corporate shops have the cash flow to stock damn near every brand on the market and push out the mom and pop style shops who do keep it local.
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