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Max Schaaf

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... Have to postpone this due to rain. Too many people traveling too far to spend the day soaked in the rain. Stay tuned. #oakland #skim-boarding

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Max Schaaf
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benji_wiesenfeld 1353539283
Postpone til January!
4q69 1353792538
@__ijneb__ wish I could
awoody13 1355529871
Has this happened yet or still postponed ?
4q69 1355531011
@awoody13 not yet man.... Still postponed.
stevewags 1356799673
Any date set yet ? Thanx Max
4q69 1356809479
@awoody13 @stevewags I'm thinking this Sunday. Weather is supposed to hold out for a while
stevewags 1356809565
That would be Kool im down
awoody13 1356812075
I've been looking forward to this for a bit since I misses it last year. To bad my front cylinder lifted off the case on my way into work today. I'll be checking out all the photos again this year and tearing my motor down tomorrow instead
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