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@katinabananana πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅βœŒ

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marcjohnson 1353042635
You better be at my god damn premiere tomorrow night. We're celebrating how awesome I am and I need you to lead the standing ovation @internetfamous pffffffft, I'd do it for you.
sarahmidnighteagle 1353043397
Nice toque
yasisalek 1353043811
Missed you in van @katinabananana next time, hey? (I'm Canadian now)
mynabi94 1353044710
I love you @marcjohnson_
internetfamous 1353052051
@marcjohnson_ I got my tickets in 2009 there's no way i won't be there
kribarlooty 1353054291
ohya_youbetcha 1353086854
Lost in translation
isaacriblets 1371623510
Japan is chill
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