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Tony Hawk

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Spammers/Spambots: "OFF" is the general direction in which I would like you to F#CK

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Tony Hawk


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iamlozb 1353064362
Too right.
rubi_rob 1353068091
Scourge of Instagram
rickysousa 1353071185
@damselndistress EXACTLY! this shits ridonkulous!
eyy_bruhh 1353078059
honestly its so stupid. advertizing for stuff via comments shud be illegal -.-
tix27 1353079568
U didn't get ur beats by Dre? Its like so legitimate I didn't even know how legit it was gonna be so I swung on down to bitch faces page and whatyaknow?! It was tooootally there and I thought "hey wait a second this is too good to be true right" wrong, its too true to be bad and too badass to be wrong! See for yourselves, while your there you can make $68.31 a day too, which totally made me think "yo, that's like a sweet penny in my pocket right" right! Silly ppl trix r for kids!
foxysand 1353083141
So annoying..I'll go to Hawaii if I want spam!....or facebook
g.e.r.m.s 1353392668
@foxysand 😂👍well said.
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