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Rob Meronek

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My first pick for the Tampa Pro Party is Joey Badass. This dude is killing it and this track here, damn! Let's do this @joeybadass_ @spottampa @dailybs

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Rob Meronek
wade666 1352913379
Don't worry I got it!!!
jy_ondeck 1352914452
good choice!
jeremeknibbs 1352915340
I agree @meronek !
4given813 1352917258
cuz wen a nigga start equipn. n thro da clip in. da blood drippn. thy catch u slippn.. haha #tough
satanfinger 1352933625
Damn. I agree so hard.
wit_e 1353028618
Word! Get him & @souloho3
fortlenox 1354848654
Doing spinel just another man who's defeated by survival that's your biggest rival in your whole life
_christian_thomas_ 1371842208
I was born in 99 hAhA
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