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My promo picture for ¡DOS!. #greenday #dos #mikedirnt @mike_dosxx #greendaydos

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lazy_bones27 1352864354
I got it just now
greendaypictures 1352864596
@juliannalizzul you have to have an account on the website. @call_of_the_banshee thank you! @ohlove711 yes.
greendaypictures 1352927519
Forgot to add that this is supposed to look like a comic! :) #dos #comic #myedit
geekgirl86 1352945583
I saw the contest and I thought up an idea. I posted it and looked through the other ones. Only to realize me and you had sorta the same idea. I wanted you to know I wasn't trying to copy you at all. It's kinda funny we had the same idea lol @greendaypictures
greendaypictures 1352947852
@geekgirl86 lol. It's fine. It's all in fun. c:
geekgirl86 1352949519
Oh good. I didn't want you to be like, "SHE STOLE MY IDEA." When that really wasn't my invention lol @greendaypictures
greendaypictures 1352950528
@geekgirl86 lol. It's all good. 😊
greendaypictures 1393660898
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