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Less than a week away! Pretty Sweet premiere presented @escapistskate at Screenland Theater. You can buy tickets at screenland.com or at Escapist downtown! @prettysweetmovie @girlskateboards @chocolateskateboards #prettysweet

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Sean Malto
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biancamarco 1358497966
sheelof_of 1359184475
Bro@sean_malto you are the man🙏...... Trunk boyz!!👍
You had the best part by far ! @sean_malto
danielferreiraskate 1364506014
The best skate video ever , your part is amazing
dr.fe3lgood 1366759135
Dude you are my favorite skater and SLS pro. Giid luck dude im gonna b at the one in socal . And sick #prettysweet part. Its cool how u skated alot of kinked rail and did lots of swich trick. And its cool to llok up to a skater that is always has a positive attitude and never seems to get mad. I used to get super super mad then i bought prettysweet and saw ur part then looked up more videos of u on youtube and realized how goody r and how good you r at swich. And u got some SICK krooked grinds and over krooks. Dude thanks for bein such a good romodel for skating and keep skating sean! @sean_malto
iskatedrity 1371176561
I am going to be jack black here. (Jack black) maltooo do it for the skate gods
mirhyeidar 1383824766
Pretty @shukryxxll
villa.isaac 1394530058
Pretty is so amazing they guys in video are pretty good.but Sean he and do so grinds I looke up to u Sean u r the bed skateboarder ever
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