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Tony Hawk

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Still a few spots left in this rare skate session with @steviecab @mikemcgill @lancemountain @tommyguerrero Rodney & me. Details at bonesbrigade.com

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Tony Hawk
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justinwarfield 1352872054
@TonyHawk Having an old school #bonesbrigade reminiscing sesh with my oldest skate homie. Need to come session with you after thanksgiving.
harryc00mbess 1353063025
I can't because I live in Australia
latearly 1353110948
That would be awesome, but I can't because I'm twelve and I can't afford the donation.
texas_surfer 1353393785
Even Stevie
meghanmuzerie 1354588149
lolomontana 1358116125
daxsenden 1362621298
Hey Tony, im a big fan! I had just watched the Bones Brigade movie and wanted to thank you and @steviecab, @mikemcgill, @lancemountain, @tommyguerrero ( ho im also fan as a musician) and Rodney. Im 26 years old and been skating since I was 10. Grew up with you guys and was amazing to se watch the history from yours point of view! Thanks for everything you guys have done!!!! Cannot forget to mention how great Rodney seems. Mad in a genius way,
daxsenden 1362621434
Very smart and very spiritual. Thanks, once again!!! The best movie about skateboarding, fun, friendship and dream following I have ever seen!!! My best wishes to you all!! Sorry about english mistakes! Hope to hear from you!!! Regards, Dax!
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