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Everyone go check out @davidloy 's recruit! He fucking nailed it! @berrics

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chase webb
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pneumothoraxed 1352546669
@kieranreilly David Loy did, that wasn't Nyjah that did..
kieranreilly 1352546751
Oh sorry bruvvaaaaaa I thought it was @nyjah_huston they must look a like @jordanhiggins95
chasewebb 1352546973
Yea get it right bruvvvvvvaaaaa! Hahahaha @kieranreilly
brandonmason99 1352552184
I cant find the video, whats it called @chasewebb
kieranreilly 1352552890
Haha give me a break you legend and hurry up an get to Australia mother fucker !!!!
caseyskates93 1352559231
Nyjahs one trick of course was highlight of the whole video lol
pneumothoraxed 1352567002
@kieranreilly haha it's grand, they have similar styles!
olem1 1352575467
@chasewebb lil murr town chase grew up! Yeaa dog!!
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