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Tony Hawk

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For those that saw (or will see) the #bonesbrigade documentary: this is the "award" I received for being on that strange Japanese television show in 1985, back when I was a "Mircle Child"

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Tony Hawk
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jeffersonkelso 1352499078
Those were the days! Good times. Great documentary btw
stef_gerber 1352500372
Watched it tonight @tonyhawk wow that was cool. Buds got together, lots of Powell Peralta decks & gear and even some 600 F Airwalks.
as1206 1352500447
I watched bones brigade an autobiography, you guys are amazing legends.
heyjenna 1352514695
eddiefromkrue 1352528296
Not the mircle!!
a_monster_among_us 1352534917
Hey tony :) when is the Doc gonna be out on dvd?
hildejordbruen 1352566519
I like your pictures.. they are kinda the opposite of mine. Are we on the same planet?
Wow just witnessing @karibrayfords pics and bio makes me love instagram even more!
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