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I've been crying a lot today looking to get a grant for clown school and applying at fast food restraunts.. these guys @bigreel @worldsbestdad might have something to do with it. @eswic AZ Trip

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Bart Jones
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worldsbestdad 1352428457
@yerdone I know, right. @josh__murphy is as hard as nails now.
bartjones 1352429978
@isapien1956672 naw was jus there for a day or so..
bartjones 1352430018
@worldsbestdad I live lavishly homeless
bartjones 1352430133
@josh__murphy your clit?
jtalmaguer 1352433290
whats up crazy mufucka @bartjones its your homie juan in MI
human_after_all 1352434445
Just pof it out buddy
bartjones 1352434648
@jtalmaguer HOLY SHIT!! No Way!!!
jtalmaguer 1352434883
heres my email bro lets swap phn numbers and shit and catch up sum time you the best homie @bartjones .....juansk8ordie1@gmail.com
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