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To my Facebook friends/likers/stalkers: FB has switched up their game so you gotta select "Get Notifications" to see my posts on your newsfeed. If I could, I would "unlike" this new feature. Thank you for your time... line.

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Tony Hawk
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jakeostini 1352406855
That's because you didn't read it properly ^
bee_ell_cee 1352407416
Youre sooooo clever lol
funnymeetingyouhere 1352408639
@houseofdesigns may Wana tell your fans
generalben 1352411222
@tonyhawk "show notifications" is enabled by default. It's edge rank that stops posts appearing in feeds- it can only be solved by promoting posts or having more interaction with the follower.
mitch.scott.97 1352411458
@tonyhawk could you please link me too your page, thanks
ahhwelllll 1352415015
If you pardon the pun
liveroomout 1352433813
Its disabled automatically..we don't have to do anything
daiaomori 1352451244
@lenslord got it right: This setting actually makes sense, because it was impossible to prohibit news from people you don't want to see in your news (political groups etc) - while still being able do friend/like them. It's important to note that its very hard to distinct if news in your own feed is there because you liked THIS news from the person/group you liked, or OLDER news. Example: yesterday you liked health care, today they promote war and it appears in YOUR feed as if you liked THAT? May be, may be not. The feature makes sense, as they got some bad press for this, and quite rightly. To bad that they dont explain it to their users... but hey, in the upfront: liking and getting notifications from Tony should be safe, though, so go for it :D
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