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Lizard King

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Taipei 101

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Lizard King
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bigbizliz 1352328136
Not every one speaks English there's a hole other world out there bud don't forget it!!! @alphaxtaco let people talk shit it's funny!!!!
slutstodust 1352328267
@bigbizliz Hell yeah man!
daniel__stephens 1352332735
Dude really first your like all mad at that guy that can't talk right and now that lizz says something to you...you agree with him wow keep your thoughts to your self @alphaxtaco
eissa_fayyat 1352337714
I like how Liz Actually spreads the Passion , fuck yea man!
slutstodust 1352417376
@gorilla_power Dude,I was never mad,I was perfectly calm during this whole thing.
chadwick777 1352435922
Cool go deathwish
I'm waiting for u to come to Hong Kong I'll meet u there :)
will.ward 1357714237
360filp the roof
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