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Hope everyone had a good night!! picking what side to be on and what to vote for can be pretty crazy but hope it all worked out in 1 way or the other for everyone! If not keep your head up and stay positive #instafamily good nite πŸ’‚

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Daewon Song
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pedrojaws_ 1352335163
Leap of Faith.
nrwhiteman 1352413691
Still the best in my book, for twelve years running
daewon1song 1352484474
@nrwhiteman thanks so much brotha!! Hope u and family r well
totiguai 1353007043
Wow, too much!
russss3ll 1353959011
Yo man your a master with the junkyard gaps. I still watch almost round 3 every day before i go out and skate
illist_is 1359602257
I like the caption trying to jump that gap is crazy
jimmythegreengiant 1389413994
Junkyard dogs!! Classic footy!!
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