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John Biswell

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Visiting with @boblindell at made-rite tattoo in #portlandmaine #nosepicking

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John Biswell
boblindell 1352242050
Thanks so much for putting up with me. It was a total pleasure to spend the afternoon with you all. 🙏
redspidertattoo 1352303497
I'm so grateful to have this as a part of my Internet presence... 😘 Thanks so much for your hospitality!
jbiswell 1352306072
The pleasure is all mine @boblindell always nice to reaffirm there are still good people in the industry
boblindell 1352339622
Likewise, Mr. B!
boblindell 1408928421
Finally made it around the Horn... 93 weeks after this visit!
jbiswell 1408969594
Yes you did! Lots of hard work and dedication. Thanks for letting me be a part of your grand adventure.
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