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Lizard King

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Lizard King
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felipecogon 1352259736
#nice man
coalatree 1352300536
@katsuyoshisaito he owns Tokyo, hang out with him for a night true OG style
titgang 1355722008
I think I should have your 📱 # thanks
bigbizliz 1355732644
Oh yeah what you going to do with that? @vikkkioscier
titgang 1355756990
@bigbizliz probably finger bang myself with a tech deck until I can't kickflip anymore, and when my fingers unprune I'll give you a call;)
bigbizliz 1355767584
Jesus!!!! @vikkkioscier
titgang 1355979595
@bigbizliz I was just artichjoking I'm not a creep, maybe so call meh tanksss
titgang 1355980686
bust a big spin on your deck oh yeah... your deck is so wide, I can spread my feet on your deck, and pop that tail boy!!! your gonna have to learn to rest on the coping cause ima slide my lips on your nose!!! @bigbizliz
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