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Mike Woods

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#chucknorris #chucknorris2012 #elections #writein #idgaf #m44

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Mike Woods
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v2imags 1352226599
sam_bawden 1352226849
Ha and that's why your restarted. Don't get me wrong I laughed. But it's just a waste
m44 1352227266
@samb2013 how's it a waste if I don't like either of their policies? Let alone I am not restarted haha
m44 1352244358
@samb2013 besides this is America I can vote for whoever I want
captain04 1352280657
Thank you!
ekashow 1367272290
lol! :)
m44 1367272433
@ekashow I didn't want either candidate
m44 1367272454
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