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Max Schaaf

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Mark Gonzales. To me this man was was and is the most influential person in skateboarding. Style and creativity but not jock. Eccentric and artistic. At times I wanted to murder him.... But when you really respect someone you have to accept that with their creativity and passion comes an intensity that can work for them for better or worse at times. Shown here holding a photo of me in my shop, shot by @buttles last year. #friendship #respect #tolerance #gonz #fourstar

4q69 Instagram profile picture
Max Schaaf
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dunnstephen 1363818660
spacegoon 1366325375
i_eat_concrete 1366339135
The fucking man.
This guy is The skateboarding,no stupid imposible tricks pr shit,just he against all,art,fun.....Gonz is just inspiration
heyltjerose 1374810752
He's still killing it! Loved reel to real (?) vid with him...legendary.
lsdchoppers 1384372277
slaylani 1389737645
Well put @4q69
animal_face 1389901521
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