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Tony Hawk

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Trying to take a family photo and @d_copperfield appeared like magic.

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Tony Hawk
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bruce_dorris_ii 1352594583
@tonyhawk love my Wii Tony Hawk game even though I tore the cartilage in my left knee to shreds trying to make a jump! @tonyhawk if you have a chance to respond...will you be doing any events in the Central Florida area! I would love to see you do something for the kids here. There is a skate park in Ocala. I live about 30 minutes from Ocala & Orlando! Let us know I will help you promote anything you come to do! I am a minister & know lots of people in this area! Kids & Adults!
marksalot76 1352663103
You're the typical a-hole @bruce_dorris_ii ,you're back handed compliments do not promote your own belief system. You're not a martyr. You have mishandled what you call truth. Are you sure you've got oil in your lamp? @tonyhawk SOTY #skateornap
stevescarangelo 1353813226
When we shredding @tonyhawk
twurkbiatchh69 1353976362
I hav that hat!!!
bruce_dorris_ii 1358480556
@marksalot76 God Bless you in Jesus name! Your comments do not move me they actually lift ny spirit so if ur intentions were to bother me u failed! Thank God for Haters they define me so thanks so much bro! I have nothing but lobe for ya_ may I also add ur comments made no sense...LOL I had 3 people look at the comment just to see if they could make out what u were even talking about! LOL wow man I needed a good laugh!
marksalot76 1358484527
@bruce_dorris_ii I get it. You don't actually read, or practice, what you are trying to have faith in. It must be hard to come from the bottom only to see the worst in people. Be happy man! Shouldn't YOU be giving thanks always? The only hater here is you bro. Don't be hard on yourself though, ignorance can be fixed. Your Instagram profile is private!? Why do you venture out and spread the opposite of love, yet keep YOUR life private. Do you really just think that you're wiping the dust off your feet? Come on man, your pastor can't be that bad! And if he is then why go to a church that promotes such fowl odors? Anyway, my profile is open for inspection just like my life so feel free to come to Little Rock, Arkansas and ask for me. We skate, drink, and live with the idea that loving works best.
bruce_dorris_ii 1358507279
I see the best in ya bro! Your a winner & I really do mean that we all are we are alive!
sconzo_ 1370692191
I agree with u @marksalot76
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