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it's the seventh annual November 3rd carrot cake. happy birthday @levibrown !!!

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Alyson Brown
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blackeiffel 1352001858
ohmissmarie 1352003155
Aww! We're a day apart and always have carrot cake, too! Happy birthday!
alyson__brown 1352007082
@ohmissmarie oh!! tomorrow or yesterday? happy day to you too!!
celiacatalino 1352037915
Ha! I can't tell which is funnier... Your comment, or my very unclear one. My BIRTHDAY is on the 9th. I was referring to scorpios as being awesome (@desertfete is also married to one). But you're quite rad, too, sweets. ;)
alyson__brown 1352092481
@lifeaccordingtocelia ha, so now I'm reading your comment and it makes perfect sense what you were trying to say. I may have had too much of a very strong (11%!) beer last night. 😉
avec_la_fleur 1357921936
My husband's name is Levi too. :)
alyson__brown 1383522393
alyson__brown 1395378399
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