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Josh Kalis

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Out with the old get ready for the new. My lil bro @turbotagteam can tig weld his ass off. Getting ready for Shift Sector. New Oval exhaust is going to be siiiick.

dgkalis Instagram profile picture
Josh Kalis
loller_skater 1351907121
Damn tig welding is no joke
riverlife_ 1351908081
@dgkalis hey where can I find some videos of your Camaro
gmoneythatdude 1351909696
Damn I was thinkin about that oval exhaust before I went aluminum
j_callahan 1351910788
@dgkalis my work will be out at Shift Sector also in our flat red 997TT.
sheltoe76 1351911300
Cool tubes.
aeriophoen 1351921258
Built the monster!
luvpark03 1351928681
Damn @dgkalis Mikey got his skills up !
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