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First solo filming session since I did it in my parents barn. 25 days until surgery, time is ticking. @worldindustries

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Andrew Cannon
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ceelosfigg 1351897192
Ha!!! @waywardnephew
ceelosfigg 1351897227
If either of you guys are coffee drinkers-I'd love to hook you up!! @andrewcannon666 @waywardnephew
wbennettabq 1351897410
@andrewcannon666 Stone and I will bring you flowers and candy :)
andrewcannon 1351898574
@menloblok what do you mean coffee drinkers? I feel like I'm mainlining that shit lately haha
ceelosfigg 1351901261
Let me hook you up? I'm a coffee roaster-pretty good stuff if I may say do myself .. @andrewcannon666
andrewcannon 1351902681
Haha. Shoot me an email. That would be awesome. It's just my Instagram name @yahoo.com
nobetternameslef 1351903105
Are you still out in AZ? If you're back in Cali lets go film. I'm better than a tripod haha
ceelosfigg 1351910338
Email sent.. @andrewcannon666
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